12 Month Weight Loss Training to Fight Fat?

According to a University of Cambridge study, a year’s weight loss training could be the most effective way to fight the flab

Weight loss image by Thanyakorn (via Shutterstock).

According to the University of Cambridge’s study, you could


We at Beau Visage offer weight loss programmes ourselves and body toning. In a study by the University of Cambridge, it has been suggested that overweight and obese people should be given a free year’s weight loss training. It has also been proven that losing weight along a fellow slimmer is more effective than turning to self-help books and websites.

Their study also espoused the benefits of year-long programmes over three month programmes. A year’s slimming resulted in more people keeping slim longer than those who did three month long sessions. Likewise compared with slimmers, who turned to the internet or the public library, to fight the flab.

The study was published in The Lancet and featured 1,267 participants. The overweight and obese participants were randomly split into three groups. Of the group using self-help books, they lost an average of 3.26kg. For those who did three months of weight loss training, 4.75kg. The greatest strides were made on those who fought the flab over twelve months. They lost an average of 6.76kg – more than double those who turned to the self-help books.

Could we be seeing this on the NHS?

The University of Cambridge study has had lasting benefits for its participants. Over a 25 year period, it is anticipated that the results could see fewer Type 2 Diabetes cases and premature deaths from obesity-related illnesses. Furthermore, the savings per participant during that period are measured at £2.68 (for a three month course), and £49.00 (for attending the twelve month course).

Though the expensive option of the two, NICE has come out in favour of the 12 month course, from the University of Cambridge’s study. Besides the cost savings detailed above, it will pay greater dividends for the person’s mental health, overall fitness, and ensure a longer life. It could also mean fewer NHS referrals for patients affected by weight related illnesses which is good value for the taxpayer and our National Insurance contributions.

Beau Visage, 08 May 2017.