Beauty Tips

5 Natural Overnight Beauty Tips

Overnight Beauty Tips

In today’s blog, we will discuss how to solve common beauty problems we face and how to cure them overnight. The topics we will be discussing are; Eyebrow/eyelash growth, Hair care, Moisturising, Dark circles and Pimples.

Eyebrow/Eyelash growth

To allow your eyebrows/eyelash to grow overnight the best tip is to moisturise and condition your eyebrows. This will help them grow longer and stronger, to achieve this castor oil is the best for growing eyebrows/eyelashes. Apply the castor oil using a Q-tip and dab the oil along your top lash line.

Hair care

For a healthy hair and better sleep, massage warm oil into your roots. You can also mix your favourite hair oil, mix this with lavender oil to achieve healthy hair. Use your fingertips to massage in circular motion for faster hair growth. Here are five hair oils which are best for healthy hair:

Castor oil – strengthens hair, prevents hair breakage, moisturise hair and promotes hair growth.
Avocado oil – repairs damaged hair, anti-dandruff, also helps to achieve smooth and silky hair.
Jojoba oil – gets rid of itchy scalp, great for dandruff and dry frizzy hair.
Almond oil – repairs split ends, increases the shine of the hair and strengthens the hair.
Coconut oil – fast hair growth, eliminates dry frizzy hair and make hair stronger.


To clean dirt and makeup from your skin after a long day, cleanse and exfoliate the skin. Follow this up with a good moisturising process to rejuvenate your skin overnight. To gain glowing skin over night, apply a small drop of facial oil under your night cream or massage few drops of avocado oil, argan oil, or vitamin e oil before going to bed.

Dark circles

Almond oil or coffee oil is the best treatment when it comes to dark circles, just massage this around your eyes with your ring finger to treat the dark circles and fines lines.


Slowly dab diluted tea tree oil on the pimples using a cotton swab, as the natural disinfecting properties will reduce the redness without impacting your skin of its natural oils.