12 Month Weight Loss Training to Fight Fat?

According to a University of Cambridge study, a year’s weight loss training could be the most effective way to fight the flab

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According to the University of Cambridge’s study, you could


We at Beau Visage offer weight loss programmes ourselves and body toning. In a study by the University of Cambridge, it has been suggested that overweight and obese people should be given a free year’s weight loss training. It has also been proven that losing weight along a fellow slimmer is more effective than turning to self-help books and websites.

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Green tea can help fight wrinkles

5 tips for fighting wrinkles

Experts give their advice for fighting wrinkles.

Serve tea and cucumber

“When my eyes look puffy or tired, I soak chamomile tea bags in cold water and place them over my eyelids for 10 minutes. It leaves me with pepped-up peepers.

“To temporarily tighten the complexion, I place chilled slices of cucumbers on my eyes and cheeks.”

Rivka Rose, founder, Faith In Nature skincare faithinnature.co.uk

Try “Oil Pulling”

“To maintain youthful skin I do the Ayurvedic practice of ‘oil pulling’.

“I take a teaspoon of organic sesame oil, swish it in my mouth for a minute each morning and then spit it out. It helps detoxify the body and improve skin.”

Dr Pauline Hili, founder, Nourish Skin Range, nourishskinrange.com

Drink green tea

“I drink a cup of green tea daily and keep a punnet of blueberries at my desk to nibble.

“They both provide a powerful dose of protective antioxidants that keep wrinkles at bay.”

Kristy Cimesa, founder, Elemental Herbology, elementalherbology.com

Tuck into honey

“I’m a great believer in using natural ingredients. Getting more honey in your diet is great for the face. It’s good at helping the skin absorb moisture.”

Helen Ambrosen, co-founder and product inventor, Lush, lush.co.uk

Use an ice pack

“To stimulate my skin cells, shrink fluid retention and reduce redness and visible capillaries, I wrap ice in a muslin cloth and roll it all over my face.

“It leaves you with a rosy, youthful complexion.”

Facialist Sarah Chapman sarahchapman.net



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Five a Day? Ten a Day Is The Future

Study shows how ten a day rather than five portions of fruit and vegetables per day cuts chances of premature death by 31%.

Ten A Day Fruit and Vegetables image by Bitt24 (via Shutterstock).

Ten a day is the new 5 a day: can you do the equivalent of two tins of baked beans worth of fruit and veg a day? Image by Bitt24 (via Shutterstock).

Have you kept up your New Year’s Resolution to lose weight or eat more healthily? In doing so, did you manage to have five portions of fruit and veg a day? Well, according to a study from Imperial College London, going for a five a day is good. If you went for ten a day (yes, ten portions of fruit and vegetables a day), the health benefits are greater. Continue reading

Beauty Treatments in Portsmouth & Southampton

Here at Beau Visage, we specialise in a variety of different beauty treatments with beauty salons in Portsmouth and Southampton. We offer an unrivalled service and make you feel totally at ease in a relaxing environment. Our team of professional beauty salon consultants will aim to guide you through all stages of any treatment. With many years’ experience within the industry, they will assist you with any queries you may have and make you feel completely at ease, with no pressure. We ensure our work is carried out to the highest standards set out at Beau Visage and aim for you to feel completely relaxed, without stress.

beauty treatments

Beauty Treatment Range

We can offer you a wide range of beauty treatment options that are designed to meet your bespoke needs. All our treatments are completely safe thanks to our outstanding safety record. With two clinics available in Whitely and Lymington, we can offer our treatments in Portsmouth and Southampton. Our beauty treatment page lists some of the many treatments offered which include a range of facial and body treatments, provided by our friendly staff. We are able to help with treatments for common skin conditions such as eczema, acne, psoriasis, pigmentation and rosacea. You can find information about our qualified practitioners on our salons pages, which also highlights our salon opening hours.

Whether you have had skin and beauty treatments before or if you have never experienced it, give us a call or visit either of our beauty salons where you can speak with us directly.