Five a Day? Ten a Day Is The Future

Study shows how ten a day rather than five portions of fruit and vegetables per day cuts chances of premature death by 31%.

Ten A Day Fruit and Vegetables image by Bitt24 (via Shutterstock).

Ten a day is the new 5 a day: can you do the equivalent of two tins of baked beans worth of fruit and veg a day? Image by Bitt24 (via Shutterstock).

Have you kept up your New Year’s Resolution to lose weight or eat more healthily? In doing so, did you manage to have five portions of fruit and veg a day? Well, according to a study from Imperial College London, going for a five a day is good. If you went for ten a day (yes, ten portions of fruit and vegetables a day), the health benefits are greater.

Through their study, it stated that having ten a day can cut the possibilities of:

  • Having a stroke by 33%;
  • Premature death by 31%;
  • Getting cardiovascular disease by 28%;
  • Getting heart disease by 24%;
  • Getting cancer by 13%.

Their study took into account lifestyle factors. Participants of the study recorded their diet over a given period and activity levels. Fruit and vegetable consumption also had a positive effect in reducing cholesterol levels.

How do I get my ten a day (or five a day)?

Over a typical day, five portions of fruit and vegetables a day is equal to 400g. Ten a day, equals 800g. A single portion could be three tablespoons full of garden peas or a small banana.

For avoiding cardiovascular disease, stroke or heart disease, apples, citrus fruits, salads and green leafy vegetables are a must. Green vegetables (for example: green beans) and yellow vegetables (i.e. carrots, parsnips, peppers) can reduce your risk of getting cancer.

Your ten a day could be enjoyed in several ways. For example, in pureed form; as part of your sandwich at work, or as part of a cooked meal. Why not look at fruit-based alternatives to chocolate chip muffins or other snacks?

Beau Visage, 22 February 2017.