Laser Hair Removal Portsmouth

Laser hair removalUnwanted hair is the nemesis of beauty. It destroys your confidence by appearing in areas it shouldn’t and frequently re-appears, no matter how much you get rid of it. Fortunately, laser hair removal is here to change that!

Laser Hair removal makes the use of lasers to damage the chemicals in the skin which are responsible for hair growth. These areas then stop growing hair, after which the hair falls out.

IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) Hair Removal is often confused with this process. IPL use xenon flash lamps, different to lasers, which a range of different wavelengths of light, where lasers only emit one specific wavelength.

Benefits of Laser hair removal

Laser hair removal is popular because of its speed and efficiency, although some of this is dependent upon the skill of the therapist, and the choice and availability of different laser technologies used for the procedure. Beau Visage’s beauticians are skilled professionals in Laser Hair Removal. Laser Hair removal has also been noted that some people are “non-responders” – this occurs when the incorrect device is being used, the device parameters are too low or the patient is simply not a good candidate for treatment, so we take extra effort to tailor the treatment exactly to our clients’ needs.

Multiple treatments depending on the client have been shown to provide reduction of hair for a longer period of time. Most clients will need around 7 treatments, and this will be advised by our Beauticians who will recommend the amount of time needed between treatments, depending on the area being treated. For this we at Beau Visage recommend a consultation with a member of staff before we will start the procedure.

Contact Beau Visage Portsmouth salon for your Laser hair removal consultation today, either by phone or on our contact us page. Remember, you don’t have to put up with that unwanted hair!