Minx Nail Treatments: What We Thinx

Why we at Beau Visage wax lyrical over Minx nail treatments

Minx nail treatments image by Igor Stepovik (via Shutterstock).

Minx nail treatments image by Igor Stepovik (via Shutterstock).

Today, having your nails done goes beyond slapping a bit of nail varnish on your fingernails or your toenails. Getting your nails done in style matters more. Not only solid colours, also patterns and nail extensions, gels and shellacs. Raising the (nail) bar up to eleven are the nail treatments offered by Minx.

With Minx nail treatments, you can go beyond solid colours. Your nails can have a metallic or holographic look. Quoting from their website, “there is no room for boring nails in the fashion world”. We at Beau Visage agree with their sentiments entirely.

Throughout the Minx range of nail treatments, there are speciality styles crafted by designers, or to help a charitable cause. If you would like to have your favourite country’s flag on your nails, that is possible. Want metallic effects? We can do that for you too.

With every Minx nail treatment, your nails are protected with an under gel polish. The pain of getting rid of acrylic nails is averted by its unique coat.

Minx was formed by Dawn Lynch-Goodwin and Janice Jordan in 2007. Their methods were patented the previous year. They made an impact by adding celebrity manicurist Naja to their books as Head Designer. In September, she designed a bespoke set of nails for Lady Gaga.

In their words, Trust, Talent, and Creativity are behind their success. We at Beau Visage thinks the tagline defines Minx to a tee. When you turn to us for their striking designs, there’s no doubt you’ll agree.

To book your appointment, call us on 01590 671211 or send us an email via riversidespa@aol.com. If Minx’s nails are good enough for Lady Gaga and Beyonce, they are good enough for you.

Beau Visage, 24 May 2017.