Teeth Whitening At Our Portsmouth & Southampton Salons

We offer professional teeth whitening services at our Portsmouth and Southampton salons. You can find Beau Visage salons situated in Fareham and Lymington. After an initial consultation with Dr Frances Jack, different treatment options will be discussed with you for you to make an informed decision about your smile makeover. All our treatment plans are individually tailored to each client and we always provide impartial expert advice.

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Teeth Whitening

We have different ways of teeth whitening depending on expectation of result and cost. The most effective way with guaranteed results is to have trays to use at home and then have an in house session with Dr Jack. As a dentist, Frances can use professional whitening gel that cannot be bought over the counter and the gels we use DO NOT cause any damage to the teeth.

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With two teeth whitening salons in Fareham and Lymington, we are ideally located to serve many clients within Portsmouth and Southampton. Our practice has been accredited as an Enlighten Professional Teeth Whitening centre.

Enlighten has been called the biggest breakthrough in Tooth Whitening in the last 15 years.

It is the only system in the world to guarantee that the teeth will get to a “VITA shade B1″ which is the whitest shade on a regular dentist shade guide.

The teeth look really naturally white after the treatment – unlike treatment where porcelain is used like veneers or crowns. The breakthrough is that the guarantee applies to every single patient regardless of starting colour, age, lifestyle or dietary habits.

The procedure is simple and takes 2 weeks for 95% of patients. The dentist takes a special super accurate impression of your teeth and sends this to Enlighten’s dedicated lab where new “super sealed” bleaching trays are made – (these trays were originally invented by a Los Angeles dentist in his own practice).

The patient wears the trays for 14 nights and then visits the dentist on the 15th day for a 40 minute in surgery session.

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Amazingly the concentration of the gel the dentist uses in the Enlighten system is a quarter the concentration of most other whitening systems. This is possible due to the increase in permeability achieved by using the super sealed trays.

Results last indefinitely as long as you wear the trays 6 nights a year after your teeth whitening treatment. There aren’t even any special dietary instructions so you can keep drinking coffee and red wine.

There have been many celebrity clients including several high profile models and pop stars.

If you are looking for teeth whitening in Southampton & Portsmouth areas, get in touch with us today on 01590 671211.